Venus shots

by Rishi Giovanni Gatti, July 30th, 2001

The fateful Yod that took place on July 20th between Chiron in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aquarius and transiting New Moon in Cancer, hit Carlo Giuliani’s natal Mars, forcing him to “become History” as the first protestor killed in an anti-globalization meeting.

We all know Mars as symbol of aggressiveness and courage, and its position by sign and house describes in which way and where its action is lived by the native. It is Planet Venus that should be the balancing factor, the symbol, in the birthchart, of the methods and experiences that can help to recover from martian chasing. So, the relationship between this two planets, built-in into every Horoscope, can tell us many things about the efforts the native must endure if he wants to live successfully the alternance between action and quietness.

In the chart of Giuliani, the two planets are placed in two “wrong” signs. Venus is in Aries, an invitation to attract fight as a means to reach relaxation. Mars is in Cancer, and it thrusts to go inwards, to act inwardly. The young boy has tried to live this contrast the hard way, and biographical records illustrate this: some little legal troubles, his concern for the poor and the “drop-out”, his faith for political fight and the hope of a better world, more just, less dirty. Individual choices, and personal chances, drove him to confront eventually the Death, before a shotgun exploded by a boy just like him, only wearing another uniform. The cop-boy was born on August the 13th, 1980, at 11:40 in Catanzaro (Italy). His name is Mario Placanica.

Trained in tear-gas gun operation, the young Carabiniere was on the heavy roads of Genoa trying to protect himself from a deep attack by the protestors. Smoked by his own tear-gas machinery, beaten and bleeding, he fell in a panic-attack, and fired two shots unwillingly from his personal Beretta pistol.


Our goal here as astrologers is not to of solve the mystery of life, but to enter into it as much as we can, using the set of symbols we have evolved in our Star’s study.

Mario Placanica was born in the proud and willful sign of Leo, and his best way for expressing this inner strength should be that of a honest and gentle person (Libran Ascendant). To see life as a duty is not difficult for him, and all the situations where he can express his ability to work and to “sacrifice” himself are attracting to him (Virgo Moon). A man of action, but also of inner questions, expecially when he finds himself at odds with the frame of mind that society wants to impart on him (Uranus in the First squaring Tenth House Sun). His doings are fatally attracted by highly dangerous zones, where one cannot survive if some “inner let-go” does not happen: Mars and Pluto are tightly conjunct in Libra in the Twelfth House, the most difficult one, when we confront ourself with the Void, the Endless, the Unfathomable, and find ourself totally alone.

But why Mr. Placanica did shoot? What kind of inner drive transformed him in a murderer? We cannot know. But one answer we can find looking at the symbolic role the Planet Venus has in his birthchart. Planet of Peace, Venus is placed intercepted in the Sign of Cancer, in the Ninth House of Justice and Personal ideals. The young man knows that to recover a sense of peace and harmony with world's rules he has to follow the path of the crab, that is to seek security, emotional stability, human warmness. In a word, he has to escape from fear. Chances are that Venus is – along with Planet Mercury – the only planet which is isolated from the rest of the Chart. This symbol becomes so important, that waits only to be triggered by external events to express violently its energy, unless the native does an individual effort to work it out psychologically.

In this case, Venus vindicated itself, precisely squared by Giuliani’s Venus, a contact karmically charged by the Nodal axis.

More, the Leo Sun, together with Mars/Pluto, are doubly inconjunct to the Giuliani’s Pisces Sun (by 3 deg.), enforcing another fateful Yod on him.

If we analyze the progressions (Secondary and by Solar Arc) in Placanica’s chart, we find a very curious coincidence: both progressed and solar-arc directed Venus are placed together at 25 degrees of Cancer, activated by the fateful New Moon transiting Yod aspecting Giuliani’s natal Mars. So we can say that Placanica’s progressed Venus operated as a karmic veichle for Giuliani’s evolution: it has terminated a cycle in his life, bringing the Death. Now a new beginning (new moon) happens for both the victim and the killer.

Nothing can be said of Giuliani’s soul, where is it now, which new womb it has choosen to be rebirth from. This really is a true mystery we must approach with great cautiousness, great silence.

Regarding the boy who shot, our wishes here are that he can develop quickly a new consciousness integrating his difficult past in a way which can be high and spiritual. The hint for this can be seen in the Sabian Symbol connected with his Libran Ascendant (27th degree). Writes Dane Rudhyar: «An airplane sails, high in the clear sky». The keynote is as we just said: “a consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life”.

The image is beautiful. Will the young man be able to make it happen in real life too, despite the difficult moments he has lived in that terrible Genoan afternoon?

The only one who can answer to this question is he himself.

progressioni di Mario Placanica