the Finger of God kills Carlo Giuliani

by Rishi Giovanni Gatti, 25 luglio 2001, Milan (Italy)
with Wolfstar, USA

In that tragical Friday afternoon on July 20th, a particular planetary aspect was surrounding the world, the Yod configuration, also known as “the Finger of God”.

This time, planets involved are as follows:

When two planets in stimulation insist on a third planet which is opposed to both, at the apex, the third planet is charged of a big responsability, imposing to the native who incarnates it a need to react, to “become history”, for good or evil, trying to express his energy. This is the reason why we find the Yod configuration very often in the birthcharts of many famous people. For example, we have Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton, with an apex Neptune; or Friederich Nietzsche and Carl Gustav Jung, with an apex Mars... Even Italian megamogul Silvio Berlusconi, in a less immortal way, so to speak, has a Yod, with apex Mercury.

To understand the meaning of this important aspect, we have to talk about the energies of the two stimulating planets, and shed some light on the mutual dynamics of the signs involved. Here we have Sagittarius and Aquarius, two signs in ample evidence due to the transits of Mars, Chiron and Pluto, on one side, and Neptune and Uranus, on the other. Two signs most involved with the Future, hopes, perspective.

Chiron is a big asteroid who travels between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, and it has been discovered just 25 years ago. It is described as “the wounded healer”, becoming the symbol of the true psychological resource that allows everybody, when consciously enacted, to heal our wounds and the psychic shocks that tend to distorce our behaviour. For example, we can remember the so-called “Millennium Bug” of Dec 31, 1999. There, Chiron and Pluto where exactly conjunct in Sagittarius: the whole world was emotionally part in the process of healing the computer’s wound which put the global village at a stake, in the evenience of a breakdown of our digital net. Perhaps we will never know if the Bug was really there, or if it was just bullshit... The real meaningful thing was that all the people of the world where committed in a big, global and therapeutical healing operation, who made all of us conscious that there was a global wound that needed to be addressed and corrected.

Uranus rules our rebellious insticts, our need for freedom, and it is transiting is own sign, where he finds easiest methods and resources to express himself. Uranus is the only one planet in our Solar system that has choosen to “roll” instead of rotating on its axis. He wants to be different, to assess his personal individuality. He is not a gentle guy.

On the other side of the Sky, the Cancer Sign was inhabited by four transiting planets, with Moon and Sun quite conjunct, with a two-degree descending new moon in action. The interpretation one can assign to this particular lunar configuration is that something is gonna be finished before something new can be born (a new cycle, a new moon).

Putting together the whole symbolism of this powerful Yod, it is like Chiron and Uranus are pressing Moon and Sun to give birth to the new moon, to initiate a new cycle, a new life. The best sentence I can find to describe this is something like: the need to heal our psychological wounds without losing our own individuality, presses us to act for something new, to begin a new cycle, a new life, where to live our sentiments, our human feelings, without fear.

While those huge celestial bodies where involved in their Yod dance, the mundane world was involved in a more tragic dance: on one side there were the so called “world powers”, happy in their meeting, willing to find a common way to address the healing of global wounds. On the other side, the raged people, also full of wishful thinking, were engaged in a big protest, claiming that global wounds cannot be healed by those who have caused them.

Exactly in the middle, between these two radical intentions, a tragic event happens, broadcast instantly in the world through the Internet: a shot kills a young man. His name was Carlo Giuliani.

Both in the Birthchart and in the Deathchart, Carlo Giuliani lacks the Earth Element. No planets nor angles where posited in one of earth’s signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. A dynamic and motivational astrologer could have counseled the man to try to cultivate consciously, and by his own personal will, the qualities and the needs linked to “earth” – in essence, Security, Practicality and Determination – because most probably he could have missed them, being attracted to other qualities, more present in his chart.

In truth, we must say that looking at his Birthchart, one body he has in Taurus, and it is Chiron itself, symbol of woundedness, of a weakness.

Taurus is linked to one’s own inner, and outer, consolidation, to attain peace and serenity. It is not a violent sign. So, the native was natally weak in the pursuing of an inner sense of security and stability. (On the Second House cusp we find Uranus in Scorpio!).

By definition, a violent sign can be Aries, where our hero has Mercury and Venus, conjunct to the South Node, a point in the chart that we can call “the original sin”, the symbol of our innate tendencies to repeat unconscious and destructives patterns which have to be broken by means of effort and willingness to evolve.

Mercury, planet of words and movement, calls for the Sign of the Twins, where Carlo has two big planets, Moon and Jupiter. Moon rules basic instincts: change, discussions and wandering curious thoughts, dissecting and connecting, are precious components in his psyche. Jupiter rules high ideals, and it is at 27th Gemini, where we find «A gipsy emerging from the forest wherein her tribe is encamped». The keynote is “reaching out toward participation in a larger whole of mind-strctured existence” (source: Dane Rudhyar’s “Astrological Mandala”).

Here the gipsy is a victim, who strives to emerge from the tribe helding high in hand an estinguisher, thinking that in so doing his tension for a more evoluted and just world can be achieved.

When we choose to act out violence, we think of Aries and Mars. Mars is placed high in the sky, in Carlo’s Birthchart, in the Sign of the Crab. It looks at the whole chart, and connects to the Pisces Sun, inspiring him with the courage to be a dreamer. Fatefully, Mars is found in a “friction” state with the Libran Ascendant, against a sign that tries to find harmony and equilibrium in a disgusting and precarious world. This planet, Mars, seems the most difficult point to be integrated in the personality, as far as the Birthchart is concerned.

The fateful combination is that Mars in Cancer, in the noon of July 20th in Genoa, was exactly at the apex of the Yod configuration we described above, activated by the new moon, pressed to act by Chiron and Uranus.

In the mind of the young idealistic dreaming man (Sun in Pisces), something clicked, and asked to be acted out, to be lived: the “original sin” of violence found the way it fought for since ever, and the quickest way, in those hurried moments, was to pop up and emerge from the assaulting tribe, helding high in hand an estinguisher, in front of Death.

In that exact moment, the Yod apex “becomes history”. Mars in Cancer expresses all of his destructive violence inwardly against his own self, and becomes the symbol of a tragic death, a death which cries for its casualty, for its unexpected and dramatic powerfulness, for its undeservedness.

Now, the dead is not dead. He has been transfixed, in the collective unconscious, as the “saint”, as the “martyr”, prey of a bigger world, a world he “wanted to change”. Who knows? Maybe his sacrifice will help to change this world. His Twelfth House, the compassionate one, contains two very important points: planet Pluto, by far the most attuned symbol to the search for a meaning in life, and the North node, a mysteric symbol of an evolutionary path one has yet to travel.

In Divine Order, somebody has drawn the road for this soul, who left behind his steps a tragic memory and many tears, in the hope they won’t be meaningless.

Morte di Carlo Giuliani

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